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Mayor Ron Meer is pleased to introduce the Michigan City Promise Scholarship which offers up to $5,000 per year, renewable for four years, to eligible Michigan City High School seniors who will be attending a regionally accredited college, university, post-secondary educational program or vocational school in the State of Indiana.

The Michigan City Promise Scholarship applies to tuition and fees, including laboratory, student activity, and registration fees at regionally accredited colleges/universities/post secondary undergraduate programs in Indiana. Scholarship cannot be applied to room and board, books, summer school, or graduate school.

Amount of Scholarship is determined by the number of consecutive years student attends MCAS and lives in a home owned by the student’s parent/guardian in Michigan City corporate city limits.

7th—12th grade up to 100%
9th—12th grade up to 80%
10th—12th grade up to 70%
11th—12th grade up to 60%
12th grade up to 25%


  • In order to be eligible for the Michigan City Promise Scholarship, students must complete the following:

    • Complete and submit application which will define educational history, college destination, and provide a release of academic records (high school cumulative GPA). Submit by deadline.
    • Reside with parent or guardian in an owner occupied home within Michigan City corporate city limits. Provide proof of homeownership with a current homestead exemption.
    • Provide proof of legal guardianship if natural parent is not the guardian.
    • Student must complete 40 hours of community service while in high school
    • Complete a FAFSA by March 10, 2017 and provide proof of completion.
    • Graduate from MCHS with a GPA of 2.5 or greater.
    • Submit an official final high school transcript.
    • Students entering the military after high school must apply for the Promise Scholarship in their senior year to be able to defer for their years of their service.
    • Include admission letter from post secondary school
    • Amount of scholarship is determined by number of consecutive years student has attended Michigan City Area Schools

    7th—12th grade up to 100%
    9th—12th grade up to 80%
    10th—12th grade up to 70%
    11th—12th grade up to 60%
    12th grade up to 25%


  • For continuing eligibility, students must complete the following:

    • Student must be enrolled in college credit producing courses in an undergraduate, degree seeking programs. MC Promise cannot be used toward a graduate degree.
    • Student must maintain a 2.0 GPA, measured on a yearly basis
    • Student must maintain 12 credit hours per semester.
    • Student must complete 40 hours of community service for every year of award.
    • The student must reapply each year and provide the program with a copy of his/her most recent transcript, proof the student completed the FAFSA for the upcoming year, and proof of home residency through a homestead exemption.
    • Parent/guardian must continue to live and maintain home ownership in Michigan City until the student completes his/her fourth year of college.



Step 1: Click here to download and complete the Michigan City Promise Scholarship application.

Step 2: Click here to complete the FAFSA (Deadline March 10th). Print and submit the confirmation page to include with your scholarship application.

Step 3: Click below to download form to complete your 40 hours of community service and submit verified hours with application.

Step 4: Obtain homestead exemption from the LaPorte County Auditor’s office and submit with application:

LaPorte County Auditor’s Office
555 Michigan Avenue Suite 205
LaPorte, IN 46350
(219) 326-6808 ext. 2252

Step 5: If parent is not legal guardian, provide proof of legal guardianship.

Step 6: Once available, provide a letter of acceptance/admission to an accredited Indiana college, university or post secondary education program.

Step 7: Once available, get copy of official final transcript from the Michigan City High School registrar office. Cumulative grade point average (GPA) must be 2.5 or higher.


Click below to download form to complete your 40 hours of community service and submit verified hours with application.

See the current opportunities below. Check back periodically for more volunteer opportunities. If you would like to request a specific opportunity, please email (or call at 871.6881) Promise Scholarship Director, Nancy Smith.

OrganizationContactPhoneJob Description
MC Park DepartmentJeremy Keinitz873-1506Grounds: 8–3pm daily. Raking, sweeping, planting and weeding
MC Park DepartmentJeremy Keinitz873-1506Office: data entry projects throughout the year
MC Park DepartmentJeremy Keinitz873-1506Zoo Assistant: Diet prep help daiy from 8am–12pm
MC Park DepartmentJeremy Keinitz873-1506Maintenance: Painting and small scale building projects throughout the year
MC Park DepartmentJeremy Keinitz873-1506Spring: Sand removal/cleanup/ garbage pick up throughout the park system, planting flowers
MC Park DepartmentJeremy Keinitz873-1506Education Dept: Camp assistants, project development, crafts
MC Park DepartmentJeremy Keinitz873-1506Zoology 101—June thru mid July 9–2pm
MC Park DepartmentJeremy Keinitz873-1506Where the Wild Things are—Mid to late July 9–2pm
MC Park DepartmentJeremy Keinitz873-1506Wild by Design—Late July–August
MC Fire DepartmentRandy Novak
Michigan City PromiseNancy Smith871-6881Office work, filing, data entry, some phone calling—June-July Marching in parades with Promise banner
MCASBetsy Kohn873-2044Filing, archiving photos, general office work
MCASBonnie Manuel873-2044Tutoring and other general work
Boys and Girls Club
Friendship GardensRima BinderClean-up at the gardens on March 26th, 2017, 12–4pm
Barker MansionJessica Rosier219-873-1520Help with outside work at the Mansion
Mainstreet AssociationSpecial Events: Taste of Michigan City, Parades
Salvation ArmyBell Ringing at holiday time, sorting toys for Toys for Tots



Michigan City is investing public dollars to raise the level, importance and performance of its student population and in the process, securing the community’s bright future.

An investment in a student’s education cannot be measured. It is exponential.


  • Corporate and Community assistance in funding the program
  • Provide opportunities for Community Service hours
  • Provide Corporate internships for our student scholars
  • Offer full time employment upon post secondary graduation

Invest in our greatest natural resources, our children, to grow our community.

To make a donation, make a check payable to
Michigan City Promise Program
and deliver to Nancy at
100 East Michigan Blvd.
Michigan City, Indiana 46360


A: The deadline for the 2017 Promise Scholarship application is June 9, 2017.

A: Check here for eligibility requirements.

A: No. You may only apply as a senior.

A: Yes. Once you become a Promise Scholar, you must reapply every year for renewal funding. Failure to apply by the deadline will result in the loss of future Promise funding.

A: Yes! There are many scholarship opportunities. Here are some:

If you are in 7th or 8th grade, apply for 21st Century Scholarship

Unity Foundation Scholarships


Visit the MCHS website scholarship and awards page.

A: Check out our latest community service opportunities here.

A: Contact Nancy Smith at, or call at 871.6881, or contact your guidance counselor at MCHS.

A: Send to:

Nancy Smith
Promise Scholarship
100 E Michigan Blvd City Hall
Michigan City IN 46360

A: Yes. You must reapply every year. Check this website late fall for the application. Returning students can apply here.

A: Accreditation is a process by which colleges demonstrate that their credits and degrees meet acceptable levels of quality. Most non-profit, degree granting institutions are regionally accredited, while most for-profit colleges and universities are not. The Department of Education recognizes regionally accredited schools, making them eligible to participate in federal student financial aid programs.

A: You must apply your senior year. If you did not apply by the deadline senior year, you will not be eligible for the Promise Scholarship.

A: The initial funding for the Promise Scholarship is monies allocated from the Boyd Gaming Fund that Michigan City uses for city improvements. The Mayor and Promise Director will be looking for alternative funding sources and corporate partners as a way to grow the initiative.

A: Apply your Senior year. If you are eligible, your scholarship will be deferred until your military service is complete.